Mission and Purpose

Knoxville College is a private, church-related, four-year, coeducational, liberal arts institution. The College is open to students of diverse backgrounds and cultures who seek a quality liberal arts education.  The College provides a challenging and stimulating educational experience for students of demonstrated academic ability and for students of potential who have been afforded little advantage within society.  The College provides various public services for the  improvement of the community and promotes concerned citizenship among its constituents. Knoxville College provides its students, regardless of their backgrounds, a distinctive opportunity for educational achievement.  The College maintains a program combining preparation for professional careers with a broad education in the arts and sciences.

Knoxville College strives to fulfill its mission through rigorous instruction and emphasis on:

  • ensuring competence and competitiveness of graduates;
  • preserving and disseminating the African-American heritage;
  • fostering spiritual and moral values consonant with the Judeo-Christian ethic;
  • developing an inspirational college community life as preparation for a responsible role in society;
  • offering individual, personal attention for each student;
  • providing financial support for qualified students;
  • utilizing student work requirements to provide tuition support and experiential learning opportunities;
  • encouraging student participation in entrepreneurial activities;
  • developing relationships with the local community, industry, and commerce that will enhance the educational and entrepreneurial experience of the students.