Trademark Statement

Knoxville College Trademark Disclaimer

Knoxville College is proud of its tradition in teaching and public service. The college is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, both inside and outside the classroom. With this dedication to excellence comes the responsibility to protect and preserve the college’s name and reputation.

Established in 1875, Knoxville College protects the use of its logos, slogans, insignias, symbols, and mascot. These trademarks and service marks are protected by federal and state law. Any use is prohibited unless authorized by Knoxville College.

All products must be approved by Knoxville College. Anyone or any business/organization wishing to use the College’s trademarks or verbiage on any product must have a license before offering the product for sale. This also includes sale to College departments, campus organizations, and student recognized organizations. Premiums, promotions and advertising are included as well.

Any use of Knoxville College trademarks without prior written consent may constitute trademark infringement in violation of federal and state laws.