1. Q. What is the cost of Tuition and Fees?

    A. Tuition and Fees at Knoxville College cost $11,528 per year or $5,764 per semester. However, our students are not required to pay this full amount due to the subsidies provided through the Work Program. Please note that this expense does not include any deposits, books, or other living expenses.

  2. Q. How much is each student required to pay to attend?

    A. KC students pay $4,500 per year or $2,250 per semester to attend the college. It is important to note that this amount can be reduced it the student is awarded a scholarship. Students also need to be aware of other charges including a Room, Damage, and Key Deposit of $175 of which $125 is refundable. In addition, students may incur other fees including books (from $200 – $500 depending on your class load) and other expenses that can include but are not limited to bed linens, school supplies, toiletries, etc.

    The “real” cost of a student’s expenses depends on the individual and what s/he needs for daily living. All on-campus students have full cafeteria access by using their Meal/ID card during cafeteria hours. Off-campus students must purchase a meal card for $600 per semester to have cafeteria access. Also, the Bulldog Canteen provides low-cost meals and snacks for students at select times. On-campus students also have full access to the on-campus laundry facilities located in the dormitories.

  3. Q. When do I pay Deposits, Tuition and Fees?

    A. If you plan to reside on campus the Room, Damage, and Key Deposit ($175) is due 2 weeks before the start of the semester you are planning to attend. If received after that point, you may not be able to reserve a room for the upcoming semester.

    Once you have chosen to attend, pay the required deposits, tuition and fees as soon as possible. Since the out-of-pocket expense must be paid prior to registering for classes, students benefit by bypassing long lines at registration. This in turn gives the student more time to pick out classes, take placement test if necessary, and settle into the new college experience.

  4. Q. What types of degree programs are offered?

    A. We currently offer a Bachelors Degree Program (4 year) and an Associates Degree Program (2 year). The degree programs can be earned in the department of Business & Computer Science, Humanities, Science & Mathematics, or Social & Behavioral Sciences. We recognize the need to stay competitive in today’s society, and we make every effort to maintain excellence in all of our degree programs.

  5. Q. What is the Work Program?

    A. Participation in the Work Program is required for all KC students. Students are assign to work on or off campus depending on which level they are. Examples of assignments include, Admissions Office, Dining Hall, Computer Labs, Outside Accounting Firms, Boys & Girls Club, etc. Each student completes $1,000 worth of hours throughout the course of each semester (approx. 13 hours per week) to cover tuition and related expenses. After successful completion of work hours, each student is awarded a grant to offset the rest of tuition. In addition, the best news about the Work Program- it pays over 60% of on-campus resident’s tuition and fees per year.

  6. Q. How does the Work Program benefit students?

    A. Participation in the Work Program helps students to enhance good work habits, demonstrate teamwork and dependability, and improve interpersonal skills. It also improves personal time management skills and increases your personal competiveness in the job market. In addition, the skills cultivated in the Work Program give our graduates an advantage by providing much needed job experience.

  7. Q. What kinds of scholarships are offered?

  8. A. Knoxville College is committed to our “debt-free” policy, which allows our students to graduate from the college debt-free. We do not offer loans since our goal is to get students to graduate debt-free. This is achieved through our Work Program; however, there are several scholarship opportunities that are available to students. Included are the Freeman’s Scholarship, the Link’s Scholarship (awarded to female Biology majors with a G.P.A. of 3.2 or higher), Tennessee Student Scholarship Award as well as others. Please contact the school directly for more details about the Scholarships and other discount programs that are available.
  9. Q. What are the Admissions criteria?

    A. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. However, general admissions criteria includes being a high school graduate or having GED certification, at least a 2.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale, and an acceptable ACT or SAT score depending on your G.P.A. Note that KC accepts “Diamonds in the Rough” on the basis of individual merit, talents, and the potential to reach high standards of growth and leadership.

  10. Q. What extra curricular activities are offered?

    A. Knoxville College encourages our students to be well rounded in all facets of life. We offer Honda Bowl Competition, Aurora Newspaper, KC Choir, Student Government Association, TN Wellness Project, Drama Club, Debate Team, Men & Women’s Basketball, and much MORE.

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