Program Cost

Tuition & Fees (Distance Learning Students)

Semester US Citizen International
Tuition @ $350 per credit hour $5,250 (15 credits) $5,250 (15 credits)
General/Activity/Technology Fee $400 $400
Total Amount Due $5,650 $5,650

This amount is charged each semester the student is enrolled. Knoxville College reserves the right to adjust charges as necessary to meet costs.

Special Fees

Fees may also be charged for special circumstances such as late registration, duplicate ID cards, etc. These fees will be assessed at registration or when due. Special fees include, but are not limited to, the following:

Part-time Students $350 per credit hour
Overload Fee $350 per each credit hour in excess of 18
Late Registration Fee $ 25 maximum
General/Activity/Technology Fee $400
Duplicate Identification Card $ 25

Knoxville College reserves the right to adjust tuition, fees, and any other charges at any time, subject to the approval of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.