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 February 28, 2010       PRESIDENT’S UPDATE       Vol.1, Iss. 1 

 Horace A. Judson, Ph.D.

Greetings KC Bulldogs

It is with humility and great pride that I accept the appointment, Interim President, of Knoxville College. My sincere thanks and appreciation goes to the members of the Knoxville College Board of Trustees and Knoxville College National Alumni Association. Thank you for your unanimous vote of support and confidence. Also, I wish to express my appreciation to Dr. Robert H. Harvey for his outstanding leadership of KC and his and Mrs. Harvey’s warm welcome to Gail and me. I look forward to working with each of you to pull together a strong team of supporters for the college.
My visit on campus last week was very productive. I had the opportunity to walk the campus, meet and visit with several administrative staff, faculty, students and our local historian. I attended a student Assembly program and met many wonderful KC students. Each appears dedicated to his/her work, was respectful and mannerable and following traditions pioneered by those who came before. 

As many of you know, my connection with KC did not start last week.  My association with the College started nearly 36 years ago after marrying the former, B. Gail Shorter, a KC graduate (’72).  My late father-in-law was also a KC graduate (’31).  His legacy as high school principal along with one of his dearest friends, a former president of Morristown Community College, provides guidance for us today. Both sent many qualified students to KC over the years.  

One of our goals is to reestablish linkages with local, regional, national and international high schools and community colleges and to create articulation agreements and memoranda of understanding with them. We must enhance our recruitment and enrollment initiatives to provide access and success for all qualified students. Knoxville College, with its work program, is poised to meet the needs of the State of Tennessee and the nation.  

My Vision for KC is simple: 
To become a viable, quality 21st century college producing students able to collaborate, cooperate and compete in the global economy and become successful, productive citizens in the global society.

While many of our needs are obvious, I continue the process of determining our total needs. I have read many relevant documents and made several telephone calls.  The process left me hopeful about KC’s prospects.

As most of you know, the major cause for the loss of accreditation was financial instability.  For that reason, it is urgent that we establish long-term fiscal stability at KC as quickly as possible.  Therefore, in short order, we will launch a three-year major comprehensive fundraising campaign.  The theme for the campaign is:

The Knoxville College Renaissance: 
Securing the Next 135 Years   

We will enter the “silent phase” of the campaign immediately.  During this critical phase, I will meet with individuals and groups to discuss our plans and the importance of your support. It is essential that each of us makes a three-year pledge and fulfill that pledge annually.  Restoring fiscal stability is required for regaining accreditation; and accreditation is essential for KC’s survival and prosperity.  I pray you join me in taking this period seriously.

Our students deserve a quality living-learning environment because our College’s environment also educates our students. In addition, we must strengthen our academic and work programs, provide more scholarships, and improve technology overall.  

A successful campaign will allow an increase in all budget areas with operations receiving 50% of campaign funds; 35% for capital improvements; 8% for academic and work programs; and the remaining 7% for student scholarships, technology upgrades and enhanced student support services.  Embedded within operations is the critical need to retire all debt, our highest priority, so we can focus on revitalizing the college for the 21st century. While this campaign goal will not solve all deferred maintenance problems, it will provide significant improvements and enhance the appearance of the campus and allow time for us to refine our plan for further improvements. 

The high energy, cooperative spirit and unyielding commitment displayed by KCeans I met during fall ’09, as well as those I have known over the years, gives me great optimism and confidence that, working in unity with faithful resolve, we will re-create Knoxville College as a student-centered, service-oriented 21st century college. 

I applaud our faculty, staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. I ask alumni to take time periodically to call them and say “thanks” for keeping the doors open, the lights burning and meeting the needs of our students. What they do is nothing short of amazing!  Faculty and staff, a primary constituent group, are important assets for the college.

Another invaluable asset is Knoxville College alumni.  Your impressive accomplishments make an irrefutable case for KC’s continuation. Because of your collective noteworthy history, I plan to initiate an annual Knoxville College Alumni Hall of Fame to celebrate and showcase KC’s glorious past and future possibilities. 

I invite each of you to join me on campus, Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. to discuss my comprehensive plan, answer questions and receive your input so we can work collectively and collaboratively to implement KC’s plan to vouchsafe the next 135 years. 

Our vision for KC is grand; our plan is ambitious, but no more than this great institution deserves.  We must move forward with a sense of urgency and confidence, unified and uplifted by the sacredness of our quest.

As you sing the last few words of our Alma Mater standing in a circle with hands joined, arms raised, hearts lifted in harmony, recall those magical words that ring with pride:   


Gail and I proudly stand with you as we work together to secure KC’s future. 

Horace A. Judson, PhD.
Interim President



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The Knoxville College Renaissance: Securing the Next 135 Years

Our Immediate Priority:
To repurchase Pilot Gas Station before deadline June 30, 2010.
Purchase price:  $500,000 

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“The light on the hill still shines. Let us secure and strengthen its illumination, so that it continues to provide, in perpetuity, intellectual and spiritual enlightment.”
Dr. Horace A. Judson  

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