Academic Regulations & Standings



The academic regulations of Knoxville College have been formulated to promote the development of the student within the mission and goals of the College.  Educational policy at the College is intended to assure the academic growth of the student within a framework of total student development.  Because the establishment of this policy has as its purpose consistency and uniformity of application, all exceptions to academic regulations must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.


Knoxville College has an orientation program for new freshmen and transfer students prior to the beginning of each term.  Students are informed of academic regulations and student life policies, and the full range of campus experience is explored and outlined.  This process is continued in greater detail for freshmen in the required course, Introduction to College.


Registration: Students registering for each term should consult with their academic advisors with regard to the specific courses and total course load they plan to take.  A student is properly registered when the advisor and all instructors have approved the courses and the registration has been approved by the Business Office and the Office of the Registrar.


Program Changes (Drop/Add): Students may change schedules (drop/add) during the official registration period with proper approval of instructors and advisor.


Classification: Student classification is determined by total number of credit hours earned.  Hours earned in refresher courses are not included in the calculation.

Semester Hours On Campus

Freshman                                                                              0-29

Sophomore                                                                           30-59

Junior                                                                                    60-89


Senior                                                                                   90 and higher


Course Load: Full-time students must carry at least 12 credit hours. The normal load is 15-17 hours.  With the permission of the Office of Academic Affairs and completion of the appropriate form, up to a maximum of 20 hours

will be allowed for students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.  Permission may also be gained by students carrying activity, music ensemble, or applied music courses, or students whose programs require an overload.


Seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better may request to take a maximum of 20 credit hours during each of their last two terms.  Such requests will require the completion of the appropriate form, the written recommendation of the academic advisor and department head, and the approval of the division head and the Office of Academic Affairs.  Approval for overload hours in the last term of the senior year will be contingent upon satisfactory performance during the prior term.


The Contemporary Issues course must be included in the schedule of all full-time students for 6 semesters of satisfactory attendance.


No credit is granted for courses in which the student was not officially enrolled except for proficiency or placement credit or credit by examination.                                                       


Summer School.  A maximum of 10 total credit hours may be earned in a summer term at Knoxville College.






Every student is expected to maintain a 2.0 (“C”) grade point average and must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for graduation in any degree program. Students whose cumulative averages fall below 2.0 are subject to the regulations on probation and suspension.


Academic probation may be assigned at the end of any term in which the student fails to meet the required minimum cumulative grade point average.  Students who fail to meet requirements in succeeding terms will be subject to academic suspension or dismissal. Student performance is based on the following grade point average:



Full-Time Years Completed              Credit Hours Completed                    Cumulative  GPA

1                                                              24                                                           1.4

2                                                              40                                                           1.6

3                                                              60                                                           1.8

4                                                              82                                                           2.0

5                                                              104                                                         2.0

6                                                              124                                                         2.0*


* Associate degree candidates must have a minimum cumulative point average of 2.0.


In order to be in good standing with Knoxville College, students must maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average and credit hours requirement listed above.  If a student’s grades fall below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters after the first term in residence, the student may be suspended.  Any student who fails to make the minimum cumulative GPA will be placed on academic probation.


Students will receive additional academic assistance and counseling during their probationary period and may carry a maximum course lad of 12-13 credit hours.  Students failing to remove themselves from academic probation within one semester may be suspended; barring unusual circumstances, students will be allowed a maximum of two consecutive semesters on academic probation.  All such unusual circumstances will be documented in student records.



A student on academic probation is denied the privilege of


                1.  Participating in official extracurricular activities (such as band, choirs, intercollegiate athletics,                   intramurals, sororities or fraternities, etc.)

2.  Holding office in any student activities on the campus or representing the College in any official


3.  Being initiated into a fraternity or sorority or pledge group of these organizations.


Academic Dismissal.  Probationary status is not a necessary prior condition for academic dismissal.  The Academic Standards Committee may recommend that a student be dismissed for lack of progress regardless of cumulative GPA if there is no evidence of eventual academic success.


Readmission.  During the period a student has been suspended for academic reasons, s/he must provide evidence that s/he will be able to make satisfactory academic progress if readmitted.  Evidence may be demonstrated by such things as the following:


                1.  Grades of “C” or above from another institution;

2.  Letter of good standing from the Academic Dean/Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Dean of      

     Students at another institution attended during the period of academic suspension;

                3.  Letter of recommendation from an employer with indication of attendance and performance

     record; or

                4.  Other evidence that would demonstrate determination to achieve academic success.


During the first term of readmission, the  student is on academic probation.  The student must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0.  If the student does not earn at least a 2.0, the student’s record will be reviewed by a committee and a recommendation submitted to the Academic Dean  as to whether or not the student will be permitted to continue at the College.


Appeal Process: Every student has the right to appeal their academic probation or academic suspension through the following procedures:  


                1.  The appeal should be made by the student in writing within ten (10) calendar days of notification

     of suspension and should be directed to the attention of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

                2.  The Academic Appeals Committee reviews the entire academic record of the student and

     evidence of campus citizenship.


Students requiring more information about the appeal process, or about any academic grievance, should contact the Office of Academic Affairs, Room 203,  McKee Hall (Telephone: 865-524-6512). Any student grievance, which is unresolved through this process should be directed to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Nashville, TN  37243-0830 (Telephone:  615-741-3605).

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