Liberal Studies



Each student’s program includes courses in these categories:  (1) general education core of 65-66 credits required of all students enrolled in the Bachelor’s programs, (2) concentration requirements, (3) specialization,  and (4) electives.




Course Number                                  Course Name                                                                            Semester Hours

Mathematics 120/131**                     College Mathematics/Pre-Calculus                                                    4/5

Science                                                 One year of laboratory science:

                                                               General Biology 111-112, General Chemistry

                                                               111-112, or General Physics 221-222                                                8

Freshman Studies 100*                    Introduction to College                                                                           2

English 201-202**                              English Composition I-II                                                                        6

Foreign Language****                       Spanish or French                                                                                  6-12

Social Science                                    One semester of course work in the Social Sciences: 

                                                               Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or

                                                               Sociology                                                                                                   3

History 201-202                                  World Civilization I-II                                                                                6            

Religion 120                                        Introduction to the New Testament                                                      3

Religion or Philosophy elective       One course                                                                                               3

Health Education                                Health and Wellness                                                                              2

Physical Education                            Two one-hour activity courses                                                               2               

Speech 110                                         Introduction to Speech                                                                            2

Music/Art 104                                      Music/Art Appreciation                                                                             3

Literature                                             One two-semester sequence: American Literature I-II,

                                                               World Literature I-II, or English Literature I-II                                      6

Computer Science 200                     Introduction to Computers                                                                     3

Contemporary Issues 100***          All semesters for full-time students                                                     0


* Not required for transfer students.

** Placement in composition, reading, and mathematics courses is determined by examination.  Refresher courses in English and mathematics may be required as prerequisite to the core courses.  No grade below  “C”  will be accepted in meeting composition, reading, and mathematics requirements or in prerequisite refresher courses.

*** To be eligible for graduation, a total of six (6) “S” grades must be earned in Contemporary Issues 100.  Transfer students must earn “S” grades in Contemporary Issues 100 during the time of their matriculation at Knoxville College up to a maximum of 6 “S” grades.

****Students who pass the first year of a foreign language, enroll in the second year for college credit and will have six credit  hours available as free electives.




Knoxville College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies with four available concentrations: Humanities, Business and Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.  In addition, the College offers a two-year Associate’s degree.    


The structure of the Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies is comprised of four academic and experiential components to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, values and other attributes the College seeks in its graduates.  These four elements include:


  • A general education core of 59/60 semester hours
  • A concentration consisting of 42-46 semester hours
  • An emphasis, consisting of 15-18 semester hours, that provide an opportunities for students to pursue a more in-depth understanding of a particular subject
  • The College’s Work Program cooperative education requirement, which may include up to 12 semester credits

The mission of Knoxville College is “to provide a liberal arts education and to cultivate experiential opportunities in a Christian setting.”  The degree in Liberal Studies will enable Knoxville College students to do the following:


  • Pursue a broad general education (through the general education core);
  • Gain deeper knowledge of two or more traditional disciplinary fields (through concentrations); and
  • Benefit from what can be “learned by doing” in the realm of service and the world of work (through the Work Program).




In addition to completing the general education core courses, candidates for the Associate degree must complete enough other course work to reach a minimum of 62 semester hours of credit.  Refresher courses in English and mathematics cannot count toward the completion of this minimum-hour requirement.


Students may take elective courses to make up the total of 62 semester hours of credit.  A student who has determined a future major or probable major to be pursued at a four-year institution should take courses appropriate to that major.




Course                                                                                                        Credit hours

Math 120/College Mathematics                                                                       4

Laboratory Science sequence                                                                         8

Freshman Studies 100/Introduction to College                                           2

English 201-202/English Composition I, II                                                   6

Social Science                                                                                                    3

History 201-202/World Civilization I, II                                                            6

Religion 120/Introduction to New Testament                                               3

Health Education 100/Health and Wellness                                                2


Physical Education/two one-hour activity courses                                      2

Speech 100/Introduction to Speech                                                               2

Art-Music 104/Art-Music Appreciation                                                             3

Literature sequence                                                                                          6

Computer Science 200/Introduction to Computers                                    3

Contemporary Issues 100                                                                               0

Total:                                                                                                                    50

Additional credit hours needed (area of specialization)                            12


Total credit hours needed to be awarded the Associate Degree            62


Degree Requirements:  Specific requirements for associate degrees are listed in suggested programs available from the academic advisors.  The following graduation requirements must be met for the associate degree:


1.  A minimum of 62 semester hours, not including refresher hours in English or mathematics, with a

     cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

2.  Proficiency in oral and written English expression, reading, and basic mathematics (MAPP)

3.  Completion of specific requirements for the program followed.


The MAPP (Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress) Test is required of all students at KC.  This test, developed by Educational Testing Services, measures student proficiency in mathematics and language arts. 


To graduate from the College, a score of “P” must be achieved on the Level 1 Writing and Reading and Critical Thinking sections and an “M” on the mathematics’ section.  This test is typically given each semester.  Students are urged to take the test at each opportunity as scores are not only indicative of success in a given subject but also can be used to measure progress.  Any student who, as a senior, has not successfully completed all three sections, is required to pass an English (English 200) and/or Mathematics (Mathematics 200) course to satisfy graduation requirements.


Honors and Awards: Associate degree graduation honors are awarded based upon a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 system.  Other honors include the Dean’s List, which recognizes all full-time students with an overall cumulative average of 3.15 after at least two semesters in residence, and the Honor Roll, which includes all full-time students who earn an average of 3.0 or higher in the semester involved.

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