Each student’s program includes courses in these categories: (1) general education core of 65-66 credits required of all students enrolled in the Bachelor’s programs, (2) concentration requirements, (3) specialization, and (4) electives.

Course Number Course Name Semester Hours
Mathematics 120/131** College Mathematics/Pre-Calculus 4/5
Science One year of laboratory science:
  • General Biology 111-112
  • General Chemistry 111-112
  • or General Physics 221-222
Freshman Studies 100* Introduction to College 2
English 201-202** English Composition I-II 6
Foreign Language**** Spanish or French 6-12
Social Science One semester of course work in the Social Sciences:
Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or
History 201-202 World Civilization I-II 6
Religion 120 Introduction to the New Testament 3
Religion or Philosophy elective One course 3
Health Education Health and Wellness 2
Physical Education Two one-hour activity courses 2
Speech 110 Introduction to Speech 2
Music/Art 104 Music/Art Appreciation 3
Literature One two-semester sequence: American Literature I-II,World Literature I-II, or English Literature I-II 6
Computer Science 200 Introduction to Computers 3
Contemporary Issues 100*** All semesters for full-time students 0

* Not required for transfer students.

** Placement in composition, reading, and mathematics courses is determined by examination. Refresher courses in English and mathematics may be required as prerequisite to the core courses. No grade below “C” will be accepted in meeting composition, reading, and mathematics requirements or in prerequisite refresher courses.

*** To be eligible for graduation, a total of six (6) “S” grades must be earned in Contemporary Issues 100. Transfer students must earn “S” grades in Contemporary Issues 100 during the time of their matriculation at Knoxville College up to a maximum of 6 “S” grades.

**** Students who pass the first year of a foreign language, enroll in the second year for college credit and will have six credit hours available as free electives.

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