Definitions of Grades



Students are expected to attend all classes and labs, arriving on time and remaining for the full period, and instructors will include in their syllabi specific details of the consequences of absences from their classes.  Students are permitted up to a maximum of one absence beyond the number of class hours they meet in any given week (i.e., if a class meets for three fifty minute periods a week, for example, the student may miss up to four unexcused absences during the term).




Grade             Numerical Value     Point Value            Explanation                             

  A                             90-100                   4                            Exceptional or superior work.

  B                             80-89                     3                            Good or above average work.


  C                             70-79                     2                            Satisfactory work.

  D                             60-69                     1                           Passing but on borderline of failure.  Not accepted in fulfilling requirements in                                                                                              major, minor, or related fields; in Englishrefreshner, composition, or reading                                                                                              courses; or in mathematics courses.

  F                             0-59                       0                            Failure.

  I                                                                                            Incomplete – Awarded when a student is unable to complete

                                                                                              the requirements of a course due to extraordinary

                                                                                              circumstances beyond his or her control.

  Z                                                                                          In Progress –  Student must re-enroll in the course. Can be

                                                                                              used only in basic English and mathematics courses.

  S/U                                                                                       Satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  Placement or proficiency credit.

                                                                                              Also used in non-credit Contemporary Issues

  W                                                                                        Withdrawal – Used within the first four and one-half weeks of the term.

  WP/WF                                                                                Withdrawal Passing/Withdrawal Failing.  Used between the

                                                                                              middle of the fifth and the ninth week of a semester.

  AU                                                                                       Audit.  A course taken with the permission of the Instructor

                                                                                              for non-credit.


Grades of “Z” and “I” are temporary and carry no grade-point value.  All other grades are final and may be changed only under extraordinary circumstances involving clear and provable computational error on the part of the instructor.






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