Interim President’s Office

Keith PicWelcome to Knoxville College! This institution of higher learning was founded by the United Presbyterian Church of North America in the shadow of post-slavery in 1875 to provide education for the descendants of slaves. Brick by brick, the college was laid with the intent of being a leader in education, training, educating, and instilling in each student the belief that they can make a difference.
For 143 years, Knoxville College has stayed true to its mission and purpose of providing a quality education to all who have entered her doors. We are preparing students to serve their community and we need your support in order to make this a reality. Knoxville College is indeed stronger when we are truly working together with the unified thought of moving the College onward and upward.  The question is often raised why it is important for HBCUs to exists and the answer is simple, I would not be where I am today without the aid, comfort, and guidance of the HBCU from which I graduated. Today, we do not forget this dream,  but we continue forward with the vision and mission to educate without boundaries and restrictions. We are here to give a chance to those who would otherwise be turned away; we are here to protect those who need our arms of love and support; we are here to provide a positive learning environment coupled with a nurturing and mentoring.  This is Knoxville College and I invite to see what we are all about and join the ranks of all the alumni who have gone before to achieve great achievements. We believe you possess the same talent and ability.  Sincerely,

Keith E. Lindsey, Ph.D.