President’s Office

Keith PicWelcome to Knoxville College! This institution of higher learning was founded in the shadow of post-slavery in 1875 to provide education for the descendants of slaves once they were freed. Brick by brick, the college was laid with the intent of being a leader in education, training, educating, and instilling in each student the belief that they can make a difference.

For 142 years, Knoxville College has stayed true to its mission and purpose of providing a quality education to all who have entered her doors. We are preparing to once again serve our community; however, we will need your support in order to make this a reality. Knoxville College is indeed stronger when we are truly working together with the unified thought of moving the College onward and upward.  I would like to extend my most humble and sincere thanks to the alumni, friends, and supporters of Knoxville College. I want you to know my door is always open if you ever desire to speak with me about my vision for the College because I believe we can still make a difference in this world.


Keith E. Lindsey, Ph.D.