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Dance Team

Think you can dance?  All dancers are welcome to join and show off their dancing skills.  The Dance Team performs at a variety of on/off campus functions.  Praise dancers, hip-hop dancers, classical dancers, and other dance styles are welcome on the KC Dance Troop.  Show us your skills and dance your way to success.

Student Leader – Sharina Reynolds

Staff Advisor –

KC Choir

The KC Choir has a rich history and has published records. With a strong Christian heritage at KC, we take pride in the choir and the talent it possesses.  We specialize in singing  a variety of musical styles.

Student Leader –

Faculty Advisor – Aaron Staples

Honda Bowl Competition

The Honda Bowl Competition is a team comprised of 4 people who travel to trivia competitions at other Historically Black Colleges and Universities. If you have a passion for trivia, or just want to show off your skills, join the Honda Bowl Competition.

Student Leader –

Staff Advisor –

KC Debate Team

As a member of the debate team you have numberous oppurtunities to prove your various points of view on different issues.  Help us bring the championship back home to KC and regain our bragging rights!

Student Leader – Benjamin Glenn

Staff Advisor –

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association or SGA serves the student body as a unified voice and liaison between the student body and the Knoxville College Administration. Members of the SGA are elected by the student body and serve a term. The different members include class presidents and officer in addition to officers of the SGA body and an SGA President. They are responsible for improving student life, creating new and innovative ideas on campus, and executing them.

Student Leader – SGA President

Staff Advisor –

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are responsible for promoting the College to prospective students. Ambassadors will assist with campus tours and talk with individuals that visit the campus.

Student Leader –

Staff Advisor –

TN HBCU Wellness Program

The HBCU Wellness Program is an intervention designed to utlize the human and social capital at private historically black colleges and universities to promote health and modify risks for chronic diseases among individuals living in the surrounding communities. The primary goal is to leverage educational and service-oriented respurces at HBCUs to positively impact the health and well being of Tennessee Residents. (taken from the MeHarry Medical College flyer for the TN HBCU Project)

The 5 HBCUs of Tennessee are all involved in this project including Knoxville College. To be a part of this project is a lucrative opportunity for our students. We have up to 25 open positions each year for student ambassadors. As an ambassador, you will research a health disparity that affects African-Americans in Tennessee and perform a variety of tasks related to that topic. Student Ambassadors are a vital component of the project and negate our success.

Student Leader –

Staff Advisor –


Knoxville College is in the process of revamping our athletic programs at the College. We are currently recruiting for men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as cheerleaders to support the teams. If you are interested in any other sport to be present on the campus, please contact the Athletic Director to show your interest.

Staff Advisor – Raleigh Wynn

Business Incubator

The Business Incubator project is funded by the US Small Business Administration Grant for Colleges and Universities. We are currently focusing efforts on creating a small business center that includes office space, access to internet, administrative assistance, and other business support. Business majors are welcome to apply and be a part of this grant project.

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