Spring 2011 Residents


Spring 2011

Knoxville College has worked to hold down educational expenses while maintaining the quality of education. Through the work requirements of the KC Work Program and student specific financial assistance programs, the College offers the advantage of a high-quality education to all qualified students who are willing to pay a portion of their expenses and who are also willing to work to offset the balance of their tuition and fees.

The costs of attending Knoxville College for the Spring 2011 academic year is displayed below per semester:

Student Fees and Expenses: Spring 2011 Campus Residents
Semester Charges
Tuition $ 3,550
General Fee $300
Room, Board, and Campus Fees $ 2,064
Total Amount Due* $5,914

*This amount will be greater due to the mandatory insurance purchase required for each student. More information is provided in the work program payment plan section below.

This amount is charged each semester the student is enrolled. Knoxville College reserves the right to adjust charges as necessary to meet costs.

Debt-free Policy

Knoxville College is committed to providing a quality education without the accumulation of student debt. Through participation in the Knoxville College Work Program and minimal student fees, students can graduate from the College debt-free. Specific details of the policy are described below:

Work Program Payment Plan

Campus Residents By Semester for US Citizen Students
Tuition $ 3,550
General Fee/Activity/Technology $ 300
Student Insurance* $ 125
Room, Board, and Campus Fees $ 2,064
Total Amount Due $ 6,039
Work Program Hours $ 1,000
Work Program Grant $ 2,514
Total Credit Amount $ 3,514
Total Amount Due $ 6,039
Total Work Program Credit $ 3,514
Out-of-pocket expense $ 2,525
Campus Residents By Semester for International Students
Tuition $ 3,550
General Fee/Activity/Technology $ 300
Student Insurance* $ 465
Room, Board, and Campus Fees $ 2,064
Total Amount Due $ 6,229
Work Program Hours $ 1,000
Work Program Grant $ 2,514
Total Credit Amount $ 3,514
Total Amount Due $ 6,229
Total Work Program Credit $ 3,514
Out-of-pocket expense $ 2,865 *

*To reserve their room, resident students are required to pay a non-refundable $50 room reservation fee, a $25 key deposit, and a $100 residence hall damage deposit. Students are also required to purchase books, supplies, and other living expenses not covered by the room, board, and campus fees expense.

Charges to students are based on campus residence. Adjustments to these charges are made for commuter students, married students, special students, or students enrolling for additional study. Students who begin a term as residents but who move off campus during the term are charged room and board for the entire term. By making the initial payment of $50, the student and his/her parent or guardians acknowledge these terms and signify acceptance of these obligations.

No promise or contract that differs from these terms shall bind the College unless it has been approved by the President of Knoxville College. The College reserves the right to increase or reduce fees each year according to changing fiscal conditions.

Full payment of tuition and other fee charges entitles the student to a non-transferable identification card admitting him or her to all regular athletic events, artist series, drama productions, and musical recitals and concerts, and allows use of the library, student center, and other facilities.

Special Fees. Some courses which require extensive use of equipment and materials or which require the employment of special faculty for individualized instruction may carry additional fee assessments. Additional fees may also be charged for special circumstances such as late registration, student teaching, duplicate ID cards, etc.

These fees will be assessed at registration or when due. Special fees include but are not limited to, the following:

Application for Admission (New Students only) $ 25
Part-time Students $296 per credit hour
Overload Fee $296 per each credit hour in excess of 18
***Room Reservation Fee (Non-refundable) $ 50
***Key Deposit (Refundable) $ 25
***Residence Hall Damage Deposit (Refundable) $100
Residence Hall Key Replacement $ 25
Door Lock Change $ 75
Auditing Course Fee $ 25
Late Registration Fee $ 25
Duplicate Identification Card $ 25
Parking Permit Registration (per calendar year) $ 25
Lab Fees (Science, Computers) $ 15 – 50
Graduation Fee (Seniors Only) $ 75
Senior Comprehensive $ 25

***Room/Key/Damage Deposit of $175.00 must be paid prior to registration. This is a one-time payment, payable the first semester of enrollment for all campus residents. The $50 room reservation fee is non-refundable; however, the Key and Damage Deposits are refundable upon exit of the dormitory pending a satisfactory exit interview by your dormitory director. Some restrictions apply.

Knoxville College reserves the right to adjust tuition, fees, room and board, and other charges at any time.

Withdrawal from the College and Pro-Rata Refund Policy.A student who leaves the College (except for temporary absences with permission) must have an exit interview and secure a withdrawal permit from the Registrar. The permit must then be signed by the officers listed on the form and returned to the Registrar. Failure to follow this procedure may result in the loss of the right to honorable dismissal, permission to reenter the College and any refund otherwise due. See ” Academic Regulations ” section below for details. After a withdrawal permit has been filed and approved, the following refund schedule is enforced:

Date of Official Withdrawal or Dismissal Percentage of Expenses Credited
(Less Administrative Cost*)
Before 1st class meets 100
During 1st week of classes 90
During 2nd week 80
During 3rd week 80
During 4th week 70
During 5th week 60
During 6th week 60
During 7th week 50
During 8th week 50
During 9th week 40
After 9th week of classes 0
The Refund Schedule for the Alternative Programs will be as follows:
Date of Official Withdrawal or Dismissal Percentage of Expenses Credited
(Less Administrative Cost*)
Before 1st class meets 100
During 1st week of classes 90
During 2nd week 80
During 3rd week 70
During 4th week 60
During 5th week 50
During 6th week 40
After 6th week of classes 0

*Administrative cost is 5% of expenses, up to $100.

Additional Policies. a student’s account becomes delinquent, the student may be subject to suspension from the College until the bill is paid in full. No diploma or transcript will be granted to a student until all bills are paid in full. A student that is suspended for financial reasons will receive “WF” or withdraw failing grades for the semester regardless of the date of suspension. These grades will be placed on the permanent official academic record.

All students occupying rooms on campus are expected to take their meals in the dining hall. Special arrangements can be made for students with special dietary needs. Charges for room and board do not include Christmas and Spring recess holidays. Fees and room and board charges for summer sessions will be announced.


Financial assistance at Knoxville College is provided from institutional grants, scholarships, and from the Work Program. Knoxville College does offer payment plans for the student out-of-pocket expense to fit your financial needs. The three options for payment for the 2008-2009 academic year are listed below:

Option 1 – No administrative fee required.

Student will pay the full amount prior to registration – $2,250 plus insurance fee.

Option 2 – Requires a $50 administrative fee which is included in the first payment amount.

  Spring 2011
$1,625 due At Registration
$800 due March 1

The mandatory insurance purchase is payable at registration with the first installment.

Option 3 – Requires a $100 administrative fee which is included in the first payment amount.

  Spring 2011
$812.50 due At Registration
$562.50 due February 15
$562.50 due March 15
$562.50 due April 15

The mandatory insurance purchase is payable at registration with the first installment.

Scholarships, awards, and other grants may reduce the number or amount of payments made. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

Eligibility Requirements. To qualify for financial assistance option 2 or 3, students with need must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED;
  • Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program of study;
  • Be enrolled at least half time;
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen;
  • Make satisfactory academic progress;
  • Have a valid Social Security number;
  • Sign a Statement of Updated Information;
  • Register with selective service (males from age 18 through 25);
  • Submit a copy of the student’s U.S. Income Tax return;
  • Submit a copy of the parents’ tax return;
  • Submit a copy of the spouse’s tax return, if married and the spouse filed a separate return;
  • Submit a Financial Aid Transcript (FAT) from the college(s) previously attended. A financial aid request will not be processed until the transcript is received;
  • Submit official statements of benefits received from the Social Security Administration, Veterans’ Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation, or other agencies.

The criterion includes but is not limited to the above list. Please contact the Business Office for up-to-date information on what is required.

Eligibility for other continuing Financial Assistance is directly related to the student’s academic progress. The student’s academic progress is determined once a year at the end of the spring semester. If the student enrolls during the spring semester, s/he will have her/his academic progress measured at the end of two (2) consecutive semesters of study. In addition, a student must achieve a cumulative grade point average in accordance with Knoxville College academic standards for semester hours completed.

Types of Financial Assistance. Students may be eligible for the following assistance programs:

Work Program

  • Knoxville College Work Program;
  • Knoxville College Work Program Grant;

All Knoxville College students are required to participate in the Work Program. Once all hours are complete for a given semester, the college will award the full grant for completion of said hours. If a student fails to complete all hours during a given semester, the student will be charged for the hours not worked. In addition, the student will not be entitled to the full grant and will be charged the balance of that grant. Students who refuse to work as assigned will be suspended from the college. All students must complete all work program duties as part of your graduation requirement. Please contact the Work Program Coordinator for more information.


Knoxville College offers scholarships to students based on select criteria. The following is a list of scholarships that are offered:

  • Presidential Scholarship ($2,250 per semester for two students)
    • Awarded to students with at least a 3.0 G.P.A.
    • Satisfactory SAT/ACT score
    • Preference is given to Tennessee Residents.
  • Tennessee Resident Scholarship ($500 per semester per student for 10 students)
    • Awarded to Tennessee Residents who express financial need
    • Must have satisfactory academic progress
  • Links Scholarship (up to 1,750 per semester per student)
    • Awarded to female juniors and seniors, majoring in Biology with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale
  • Rev. James and Neola Reese Scholarship ($1,250 per semester for 2 students)
    • Priority will be given to residents of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, however, all students are open to apply.
    • The student must be enrolled at least half-time, in good standing with the college when the funds are dispersed
    • Must have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Freeman’s Scholarship (up to $1,500 per semester)
    • Awarded to female international students at the sophomore level or above
    • Minimum cumulative G.P.A of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Merit Scholarship ($500 per semester)
    • Awarded to students with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
    • Student must be involved in a KC approved extra circular activity
  • Rodney and Lois C. Jones Olden Scholarship ($1,000 per academic year for 2 students)
    • Awarded to deserving students in good standing who demonstrate financial need
    • Qualified students will have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
    • Awarded to students on at least the sophomore level

All scholarships are limited to select criteria, and an application may be required by the College for review before any awards are granted. Some scholarships may change criteria without notice or may not be offered for certain academic semesters. Please check with the Business Office for an up-to-date listing of scholarships.

Applications are available online. Be mindful of deadlines for each scholarship you are applying.

Financial Assistance Probation and Suspension. Students that fail to meet the minimum academic progress requirements will be placed on financial assistance probation for the next succeeding year of enrollment. If the minimum requirements are still not met, the student will be placed on financial assistance suspension and will not be eligible for future financial assistance until the minimum cumulative requirements of the policy are attained.

Appeal and Reinstatement. A suspended student may be eligible to receive financial assistance if the Academic Dean will confirm in writing that the student is in good standing and progressing academically. An appeal to explain mitigating circumstances can be submitted in writing to the Academic Dean and the student has a right to request a hearing before the Committee on Academic Appeals.

Student Academic Performance. Student academic performance is based upon the following:

Full-Time Years Completed Credit Hours Completed Cumulative GPA
1 24 1.4
2 40 1.6
3 60 1.8
4 82 2.0
5 104 2.0
6 124 2.0

In order to be in good standing with the College, a student must maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average and credit hours requirement listed above. Any student who fails to meet the minimum requirement will be placed on academic probation.

Students will receive additional assistance and counseling during their probationary period. Students failing to remove themselves from academic probation within one semester may be suspended; barring unusual circumstances, students will be allowed a maximum of two consecutive semesters on academic probation. All such unusual circumstances will be documented in students’ records and approved by the Academic Dean.

Knoxville College is not enrolling or recruiting new students at this time. *Under Construction* This site is undergoing significant modifications. Thanks for your patience as we strive to provide the most accurate and current content possible.