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The primary consideration in granting admission is the individual merit of the applicant. Knoxville College seeks those students who, by their past academic achievement, high school activities, and community involvement, show the potential to accept the educational challenge at the College.


The application deadlines for the Fall and Spring Semesters is July 15 and December 15. Although applications may be accepted after a given deadline, it is advisable to apply early to ensure acceptance for the semester in which a student wants to begin his/her course of study.


Applications should be completed online or sent to:

Knoxville College Admissions Office

P.O. Box 52648

Knoxville, TN 37950-2648


All applications for admission are given a thorough review by the College, depending upon the applicant’s high school or other academic record. Knoxville College does reserve the right to grant or deny admission to any applicant on the basis of the requirements outlined below.


Requirements for Admission: A first-time freshman applicant should meet the following requirements:

• Be a high school graduate, candidate for high school graduation or GED equivalency;

• Present an academic transcript showing a minimum of 15 units of study;

• Have a grade point average (G.P.A.) minimum of “C” (2.0) or at least a score of 145 on the four test subjects of the GED; and

• Present ACT or SAT test scores.


Proficiency Exam

Based on scores from SAT/ACT exams, some students may be required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile Test. No fee is required for taking the proficiency test. The ETS® Proficiency Profile assesses four core skill areas — reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking — in a single, convenient instrument for measuring 14 student learning and assessing general education skills. Based on the results of this test, a student may be placed in developmental courses. No college credit will be granted for completion of theses courses.


All freshmen who pass proficiency examinations in English, mathematics, reading, and writing prior to registration should select a concentration by the end of the first semester among the offerings of the College.


Provisional Admissions

Any student who is admitted without meeting the above criteria will be admitted on a provisional basis and will be placed on academic probation. Provisionally accepted students will be ineligible for participation in any extracurricular activities during their first semester.



Knoxville College offers an orientation for new freshmen and transfer students prior to the beginning of each semester. Students are informed of academic regulations and policies. This process is continued in greater detail for freshmen in the required course Freshman Studies.


Transfer Credit

Credit for courses taken at other colleges after matriculation will be given only if approval by the College is granted before the courses are taken. No credit will be given for grades below "C." Transfer credits count toward hours needed to graduate but does not affect the grade point average, except in computing averages for graduation honors.


Credit by Examination

Credit by examination may be awarded to students who demonstrate at least "C" level competence in courses for which they have not enrolled. Application must be made within the first three weeks of a semester. Permission must be granted by the College. The per-hour tuition fee will be assessed. Ordinarily, examination for credit should be undertaken in the first year of enrollment, and under no circumstances will credit by examination be granted in the last year of the student’s enrollment prior to graduation. Credit earned by examination cannot exceed 30 semester hours (combined) counting toward graduation from Knoxville College.


Developmental Courses

Based on scores from SAT/ACT exams, some students may be required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile Test. No fee is required for the proficiency tests. Students who are placed in developmental courses will not receive college credit for completion.


Freshmen who do not pass proficiency examinations in English, mathematics, reading, and writing shall be designated as "Undeclared” until such times as they are eligible to enroll in general requirements in English and Mathematics.


Proficiency Credit/Transfer Articulation Policy

Students who demonstrate proficiency above the beginning level in general requirement courses in English Composition and the general requirements in Mathematics will be granted course credit equivalent to the courses from which they are exempt. Proficiency or placement credit is established only through the College’s own testing policies and procedures. No application procedure is required of the student. Proficiency credit and credit earned by examination (combined) cannot exceed 30 semester hours counting towards graduation from Knoxville College.


Credit for previous education, training, or experience

Knoxville College does not have a policy for the granting of credits not based on academic achievements.


General Transfer Admissions Policy

A U. S. citizen applying to Knoxville College as a transfer student must submit an Application for Admission along with official academic transcripts from all secondary schools, colleges, and universities previously attended. College course work showing a grade of "C" or better will be accepted as transfer credit if the courses are reasonably parallel to Knoxville College courses. Other credits will be evaluated by the College.


International Student Applicants

An international student must submit an Application for Admission. Evidence of academic ability in the form of Certificates of Education or appropriate academic records must be included in the application packet. An international student must submit a minimum score of 475 on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum of 151 on the computer-based TOEFL to demonstrate competency in the English language. These materials should be submitted to the College.

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