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There are few institutions in our country more important than education - when it comes to the wellbeing of our communities.

Our Mission
Has Never Changed

Our mission is to provide a challenging and stimulating educational experience for students of demonstrated academic ability and for students of potential who have been afforded little advantage within society.

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Knoxville College maintains a program combining preparation for careers with a broad education in the arts and sciences.


The Administration and faculty are committed to ensuring that students receive a high-quality education with the necessary support and resources to be successful. This is done through the employment of highly-qualified faculty, academic advisers and student support staff, access to excellent library and technical resources, and experiences at potential career and work locations.

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Embracing Our History & Culture

Knoxville College has and remains the determining factor on how the Black community is educated, elevated and empowered.

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We have big plans. Explore our vision for the future of KC


Since 1875, KC has focused on educating, empowering and elevating our students.

Knoxville College
Online Learning

Knoxville College strives to fulfill its mission through an online rigorous general studies program with an emphasis on:

  • Providing a high-quality education with a liberal arts and sciences foundation.

  • Offering individual, personal attention for each student

  • Providing financial support for qualified students.

  • Utilizing student work in the Knoxville area to provide tuition support and experiential learning opportunities.

  • Developing relationships with communities, industries, and commerce that will enhance the educational experience of KC students.


KC provides various public services for the improvement of the community and promotes concerned citizenship among its constituents.

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Choose Knoxville College for an education that's focused on you. 

Our Core Values

Knoxville College believes in achieving academic excellence and promoting positive social change.

1. Academic Excellence and Creativity

2. Knowledge and Discovery

3. Mentoring and Cultivation

4. Leadership and Professionalism

5. Inclusivity and Collegiality

Educate. Empower . Elevate