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Students with Academic Deficiencies

Knoxville College recognizes that students enter college with a wide range of skills. Some entering freshmen may require more academic enrichment than others in order to succeed in college-level courses. The College, therefore, provides support services in English, Reading, and Mathematics to all first-time and transfer students, and others with identified needs.


Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center serves students, faculty, staff. Services include administration of admission, placement, and distance education examination proctoring, and other testing related to college and career success. The testing center offers a technologically advanced computer testing lab with 20 testing stations, as well as a traditional paper and pencil testing facility.


Library Services

The Knoxville College Library is a member of Tenn-Share, resource-sharing programs with other member libraries throughout the state. Tenn-Share provides students access to the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL), a core package of electronic databases made available to library users in Tennessee.


Technology Policy

Knoxville College is dedicated to serving all students, alumni, instructors, and staff (“users”) with the appropriate use and support of technology within the organization. These technology policies provide expectations for conduct and behavior by applying guiding principles to the use the e-mail service, the Knoxville College Classe365 Portal, online classroom; and other facilities, connections, hardware, and software provided by Knoxville College or used in connection with the user’s interaction with the university or its affiliates. Knoxville College is committed to conducting its affairs in a responsible and ethical manner consistent with its education, scholarship, and social change missions.


E-mail Policy

As an online college, Knoxville College uses e-mail to communicate important information to students and the rest of the community. Knoxville College provides all students with a dedicated Knoxville College e-mail address. Students are required to check this e-mail account regularly to ensure they are receiving and/or responding to all communications. Knoxville College’s goal is to keep students informed and engaged with the university throughout their educational experience. Therefore, it is imperative that students check their accounts and read each message in its entirety.


Knoxville College uses Microsoft Office 365 as its technology platform. Use of Knoxville College e-mail and the student portal is in accordance with Knoxville College’s Acceptable Use Policies, and student information is never sold to third parties.


Students, faculty, and staff must use their Knoxville College e-mail addresses to communicate with one another regarding university business. Knoxville College’s administrative offices may also send communications to students’ personal e-mail addresses.


In the event a student communicates with Knoxville College using his or her personal email address, Knoxville College faculty and staff can respond to that personal e-mail, as well as copy the student’s Knoxville College e-mail account, and state in the e-mail reply that it is recommended students use their school e-mail for communication.


E-mail communications are subject to all applicable university policies. All e-mail sent by students to Knoxville College must comply with Knoxville College policies on proper e-mail communications.

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