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Effective May 16, 2024

Presently, the server containing the transcripts is receiving maintenance.  While this technical issue is being resolved, the delivery of your transcripts may be delayed.


Credits earned at KC may not transfer to another educational institution. Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by KC.


Transcript Fees & Descriptions

Official Transcript ($10.00 each)

  • An official transcript is printed on official transcript paper that contains the Knoxville College logo.

  • It bears the signature of the Registrar and the official KC seal.

  • The envelope is sealed and stamped across the envelope seal.

  • All official transcripts must be mailed.

PLEASE NOTE: Most colleges and universities require an official copy to accept credits to their institution. Official transcripts can only be mailed to authorized agencies, schools, and employment boards. Students cannot handle an official transcript.

Unofficial Transcript ($10.00 each)

  • An unofficial transcript is printed on plain white paper.

  • It does NOT bear a signature or the official KC seal.

  • These can be faxed, picked up by the requestor, or mailed upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: Most colleges and universities will NOT accept an unofficial transcript for transfer credits.

Other Important Information:

  • All request must be written and signed by the student requesting the information.

  • If the request is from a third party, we must receive authorization from the student whose records are being requested to comply with the privacy act.

  • Please allow at least TWO (2) WEEKS from the date of request to receive transcripts.

  • All transcripts bear a $10.00 fee that must be accompanied with the original request and must be received by money order or debit/credit card (full card #, expiration date, CVV#, amount authorized, full billing address)

Completed transcript request can be delivered the following ways:

  1. Mailed to the recipient (official or unofficial- full mailing address is required).

  2. Faxed (unofficial only- include fax # and the attention name).

  3. Held for pickup (unofficial only).


Requests can be submitted to the college the following ways:

Address to Mail:

Knoxville College Registrar’s Office

PO Box 52648 Knoxville, TN 37950-2648

Fax request to: ( 865) 521-8068

Online Request: Click Here


PLEASE NOTE: ***Payment must be received before your order is processed.*** ***Please include a return address or email so you can receive confirmation that your request was completed, denied, or more information is required to complete it.***


Reasons why transcript requests could be delayed or denied:

  • There is an outstanding balance or hold on your account.*

  • The transcript request is incomplete.

  • The name on the request does not match the name used while enrolled in school.

  • Not indicating which campus you attended while enrolled.

  • Not including your payment with the transcript request.

*If you have a hold placed on your account for any reason, you must satisfy the requirements of this hold before your request can be processed.

Please Note: If you attended KC during 1987 or before, your transcript is stored at a 3rd party warehouse company in contract with Knoxville College. Please allow at least 2 weeks for all transcript request to be completed.


We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience when ordering your Knoxville College transcript. Our administration is currently working on creating an online database system to house all KC transcripts we have.

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