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Math & Physics

Academics . Undergraduate Studies . Mathematics & Physics

Undergraduate Studies
Department of Mathematics & Physics

The Department of Mathematics and Physics provides a foundation in scientific methods and principles sufficient for students to pursue mathematics-based careers or to pursue further training in a professional discipline. The department serves diverse student needs: in addition to the mathematics courses for the general education core, the department offers developmental courses, service courses for other programs in the College, mathematical and physics preparation for prospective teachers, and research experiences to prepare students for further study and employment in government and industry. The Mathematics Seminar is the culminating course for this concentration.

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Undergraduate Studies
Department of Mathematics & Physics

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Description of Courses

MAT 0900 Developmental Math 0 hours
This course is the study of operations with whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, percents and their applications; simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions; ratios and proportions; solving linear equations in one variable and graphing solutions to linear inequalities. This course does not satisfy the college level mathematics requirements.

MAT 1130 College Algebra 3 hours
This course is the study of algebraic equations and inequalities, absolute value, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants. Additional topics may include sequences and series, combinatorics, probability and mathematical induction.

MAT 1710 Precalculus 3 hours
This course is the study of fundamental concepts including polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, with applications to problems in mathematics and the sciences. This is a course for students interested in science, pre-health professional studies and engineering.

MAT 1910-1920 Calculus I–II 4 hours/4 Hours
his series of courses includes the study of limits, continuity, derivatives and integrals of functions of one variable with applications.

MAT 1830 Applied Statistics 3 hours
This course is the study of basic statistical concepts including data organization and analysis, including frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion; probability theory and distributions; sampling methods; estimation; hypothesis testing; regression and correlation analysis.

MAT 2500 Mathematics Seminar 1 hour
This seminar allows students the opportunity to work closely with an instructor in a specific area of the instructor's expertise. Students will be required to bring together interests and skills developed in this and previous courses to make in-depth oral and written presentation on a topic of their choosing. This capstone course will capture the spirit and breadth of the field of Mathematics through a guided investigation and literature review associated with the chosen subject.

PHY 1701-1702 General Physics I-II 4 hours/4 hours
This series of courses is a survey of the topics in classical physics intended primarily for students in pre-professional curricula and majors in various engineering technology concentrations. Topics include mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism, and geometrical options. A good working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is assumed; heavy emphasis on solutions to numerical problems. Lab included. (Prerequisite: MAT 1130)

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